“The best time to choose gentleness is when

it feels like the hardest thing to do”

– Daniel Wolfsong.



What does this mean?
Bio-Biology, physical body
Psycho-Mind (thoughts and emotions)
Spiritual-Belief system


Human pain and illness are complex, lived experiences. There is seldom one reason or linear cause. Individual Yoga sessions offers an inclusive, accessible, practical and compassionate biopsychosocial-spiritual framework to adapt each practice according to your challenges and needs.

In this one-to-one sessions, we have the opportunity to discover the underlying issues causing an imbalance in the biopsychosocial-spiritual structures and create coherence to natural wellbeing.

Benefits of individual yoga sessions

Feeling heard, believed, and supported.
Connecting with a trusted mentor, guide, and teacher.
Moving with more ease.
Discovery of the breath and mindfulness.
Acceptance to live life even if pain and discomfort are present.


The interaction of all these parts is essential for creating balance and wellbeing. Individualised Yoga is a simple, humble and accessible practice available to everyone.


  • Individual yoga program: 90 min intake, we chat and answer some questions
  • Individual yoga program: 90 min physical and breathing session, we observe
  • Shorter sessions depending on your needs that day
  • Personalised practice suited for your specific health requirements
  • Wellness tips, bonding activities for mental and emotional health
  • Follow up support to encourage progress or adapt when needed

Individual sessions are a slow and steady collaborative process between yourself and me to activate the natural healing system of the body and mind through a personalised practice.

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