“Your self-love is a

medicine for the earth”

– Yung Pueblo

Learn to engage in practices & rituals that help you consciously choose your state of being. You can acquire the skills to open your heart to more positive relationships, improve your physical and mental health, and recover your self-esteem.


You’re still twisting yourself into a pretzel trying to keep family, friends and colleagues happy. The pretense of perfectionism has become exhausting, and honestly, there’s just no time for things like reading, exercise, or inward reflection.

You’re probably thinking “right now I just can’t fit it all in.”

The truth is you don’t know where to begin and you’re struggling to hang on to any kind of self-care routine. Having to make changes right now feels overwhelming. You’re thinking, and believe yourself when you say, “I’ll start tomorrow.”


Deep down inside you know that enough is enough. And tomorrow is one day too late to make the changes you need.

Here’s how I can help.

Individual Sessions.

Begin or strengthen your personal growth practice. Or maybe you just need to come see me for some much needed energy work and stress release.

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